Welcome to the Team

The Aspire Parents Support Group supports competitive gymnasts and their families. We work directly with our host gym, Aspire Kids Sports Center, our athletes, their families, and the local community, to provide the resources needed by our kids to become excellent athletes, and even more importantly, excellent people.

The competition schedule is long and complicated. We coordinate event registration, USAG membership, team uniforms, and fee payment. We schedule team building events to foster a sense of community. We support each other when times get difficult.

This site provides many resources for you to help manage all of the things that are going on.

We've assembled some information for you about things you'll need to know to get you started.

Welcome to the team!

How We're Organized

The Junior Sun Devils Boys Team competes locally and throughout the southwestern United States. This group of talented and dedicated young men are coached by Rob Survick and is supported by members of the ASU Mens Gymnastics Team.
The Aspire Girls Team trains young women of all ages and skills and competes at meets throughout the southwest. These superior young women are coached by Kim Neal.

The Aspire T & T Team is a world class tumbling organization. Its most elite athletes can compete internationally, but everybody has the opportunity to test themselves against the best in the state and the region. These motivated young men and women are coached by Scott Barclay.

The Aspire Xcel Team is a way for young women to experience the higher levels of gymnastics without the rigorous training and competition schedule. These young ladies are coached by Cat Sharp.

Parents of gymnasts need support, too. Schedules, travel, uniforms, registrations, ugh! The APSG manages all of this complexity so that you can focus on the gymnasts.  If your child is on team, these resources are for you.

Volunteers provide support at events that Aspire hosts, run the Aspire Parents Support Group, work with local vendors for fundraising, and do all of the things that the team needs to be successful. Volunteers can receive credit towards their team fees, so contact a member of the Board of Directors if you're interesting in helping out.

Gymnastics is expensive, so we regularly organize Fundraising opportunities to help keep down costs. If you have ideas on how to raise money, contact the Board of Directors.  All of the parents will appreciate it.